Chloe & Sam's Dreamy Wedding at The Ned: A Picture-Perfect Celebration with Posable

Chloe & Sam's Dreamy Wedding at The Ned: A Picture-Perfect Celebration with Posable

Chloe & Sam's Intimate Day at The Ned

Let me take you on a journey through Chloe and Sam's magical wedding day at The Ned, an absolutely stunning venue in the heart of London. With only around 50 of their nearest and dearest gathered, the day had an intimate charm that's rare to find. The couple said their vows in an elegant, regal room that could have been straight out of Bridgerton. 

After their heartfelt "I do's," Chloe and Sam exited the ceremony to a shower of confetti - cue the perfect photo op! Picture smiling faces, pops of color in the air, and sheer bliss on everyone's faces. These moments were pure gold and perfectly captured by our Posable retro cmaeras. If ever there was a snapshot to sum up joy, this was it. 

As the day transitioned into the evening, the celebration moved to the wedding breakfast. Picture this: long tables adorned with beautiful centerpieces, clinking glasses, and the hum of animated conversations filling the room. Oh, and let's not forget the custom newspapers created for each guest by Katie Frances Art - talk about a personalised touch! More on this later.

The evening party was a spectacle in itself, starting off with a bang - or rather, a "money gun" entrance for their first dance. Yes, you read that right! Imagine bills flying everywhere as the couple took to the dance floor, setting the vibe for a night of non-stop celebration. The champagne tower pour was a classic yet glamorous moment, and let's not overlook the shot luge shaped like their beloved dog Bertie. I mean, how cool is that? 

Every detail of Chloe and Sam's wedding was meticulously planned, brilliantly executed, and filled with love. 

A Personal Touch: Customized Newspapers and Handwritten Letters

Imagine arriving at Chloe & Sam's wedding reception and finding a personalised newspaper waiting for you. Yes, you read that right—a newspaper! Complete with adorable anecdotes, fun facts about the couple, and even puzzles. Talk about a keepsake! You could see the guests giggling and flipping through pages, sharing stories and laughter with each new revelation. It was an instant icebreaker and conversation starter, and honestly, who wouldn't be charmed by such a thoughtful touch? 

But they didn't stop there. Chloe & Sam went the extra mile with personalised, handwritten letters for each guest. It's one thing to receive a rushed thank-you note after a wedding, but a heartfelt letter waiting at your place setting? That's on a whole new level. From recounting fond memories to expressing heartfelt gratitude for sharing such an important day, each letter felt like a warm hug. Genuine notes that left everyone a little misty-eyed.

The combination of customised newspapers and handwritten letters made everyone feel uniquely important. Chloe & Sam didn’t just host a wedding; they created an intimate experience where every guest felt seen and appreciated. This personal touch transformed the event from a celebration into a cherished memory, one that would be talked about for years to come.

Posable: Capturing Moments that Matter

We get it. You want every giggle, tear, and belly laugh preserved forever. That's why at Posable, we focus on capturing those priceless moments that truly matter. Whether it's the way Chloe's eyes sparkled when she first saw Sam at the altar, or that hilarious moment when family and friends busted out their infamous dance moves – a Posable camera is there for all of it. 

It's not about those awkward posed shots; instead, it's the spontaneous smiles, the candid laughter, and the genuine love that fill your wedding day. A Posable camera ensures that when you flip through your wedding photos years from now, you'll feel as if you're reliving every minute. 

Unique Wedding Ideas for 2024 and 2025

Looking to add that extra sprinkle of magic to your big day in 2024 or 2025? Chloe and Sam's wedding was brimming with unique touches that had guests talking for weeks. So, let's dive into some of these incredibly inventive ideas you might want to steal for your own celebration! 

Money Gun First Dance Entrance 

Yes, you read that right! Chloe and Sam didn't just walk onto the dance floor—they made an entrance that no one will forget with a money gun. Imagine the exhilaration, the laughs, and the glitz of fake bills fluttering down as you and your sweetheart take center stage. It’s a showstopper, literally. 

Champagne Tower Pours 

If you’ve ever dreamed of Gatsby-esque elegance, a champagne tower pour is the way to go. It’s as stylish as it sounds, and oh-so-classy! Chloe and Sam’s guests were treated to the mesmerising sight of bubbly cascading down a luxurious tower of glasses. Perfect for just before the toasts. 

Shot Luge Sculpted after Their Dog 

Now, this is a detail that was both heartwarming and fun! Chloe and Sam had a shot luge sculpted in the likeness of their adorable dog, Bertie. It’s quirky, incredibly personal, and a great way to get the party started. Guests took shots, literally chillin’ with Bertie—what’s not to love? 

Customised Newspapers 

Complement the classic wedding program with a twist! Chloe and Sam created custom newspapers commemorating their journey from first date to the altar. Filled with personal anecdotes and photos, these keepsakes kept guests entertained and gave them something to treasure long after the party's over. 

Handwritten Letters 

If you're all about the heartfelt gestures, consider doing what Chloe and Sam did—writing personalized letters to each and every guest. These handwritten notes made everyone feel incredibly special and cherished, setting the tone for a wedding filled with love and gratitude. 

So, whether you’re planning a grand affair or an intimate celebration, these unique ideas are sure to inspire you. Ready to make your dream wedding a reality?

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