• 1) Delivery 📦

    Your Posable cameras arrive by post two days before the event

  • 2) Capture 📸

    Guests capture authentic memories to last a lifetime

  • 3) Memories ❤️

    Send back your cameras and we'll digitally deliver your pics

Frequently Posed Questions

How do the cameras work?

Simply turn on, peek through the viewfinder and capture the best memories. We provide instructions on delivery but it’s as simple as a digital camera - just without the screen!

Make sure to keep the camera steady, flash on auto, fingers away from the lens and 1-2 metres distance from the subject.

Whats the photo quality like?

A Posable camera is not for high quality professional photos. That's what a photographer is for.

Our cameras have a 8 MP lens to capture the candid moments from your day. Some photos may be blurry, some may have funky lighting. But that's the beauty of it.

Click the link here to a view a full gallery of images taken with our cameras.

Is there a limit to the number of photos?

Each Posable camera can store up to 2000 pictures in total.

However, the camera can only capture up to 500 photos on one fully charged battery. It's unlikely that will be used up in one day, but we do provide a power cable and power bank to recharge if needed.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever hit the limit of 2000 photos - you’ll need to be taking 2 photos every minute for 14 hours. That’s a lot of memory!

Do I need power?

The cameras are portable and battery powered. They do not need to be plugged in.

One fully charged camera can capture up to 500 photos. It's unlikely that will be used up in one day, but we provide everything to recharge if needed.

What's included in the experience?

All packages include:

  • Set of rental Posable cameras, choose from four, six or twenty
  • Delivery and pre-paid return
  • Online gallery

Our six camera and luxe package also includes added bonuses. For further details on the package details, take a look at our Pricing & Order page.

What are the photo challenge cards?

Add a playful twist to your memories with our Photo Challenge cards! Encourage guests to capture special moments, with a list of the most important moments to capture. See photo of them linked here.

Our photo challenge cards are included in the six camera or luxe package

When will delivery and return be?

Unless agreed otherwise, your Posable cameras will be delivered no later than 2 days before your event. Then they must be dropped off at the Post Office no later than 2 days after. Delivery and a pre-paid returns label is included in the hire price.

How do I receive my photos?

Your photos will be delivered back to you digitally via an online gallery. There’s also the option for physical prints after completion.

Can I hire more than four or six cameras?

Our packages of four or six cameras have been curated to optimise the best results. More cameras doesn’t necessarily mean more photos. However, we do offer bespoke packages for requests like yours where you'd like more people or more tables to have cameras beyond the current offering.

The cost of an additional camera is £50 each.

Would we need to change the film at all?

No film required! Posable cameras are all digital with the look and feel of a 35mm film disposable camera.

A fabulous idea - love the fact you can't delete or edit anything!

Sian & Steven, May 2024

Posable captured memories

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